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I was hit by a driver who was insured by Wawanesa Insurance in Edmonton, AB, Canada. They are nothing but awful to deal with.

The adjuster was difficult to get ahold of, didn't seem to know what she was doing, and generally appears to be a bit of a ***. Her supervisor was downright rude, saying, 'you could have had collision and dealt with your insurance company. You are at fault for not having insurance.' But, my insurance would not have covered damages anyway as the Wawanesa driver was 100% at fault. Their customer service is terrible, their attitudes are hostile and rude, and I will never do business with them again.

And they are soooo slow--took them 21 days to get an appraisal done on the damage to my car! Way too long. And of course they did not tell me that I had a right to a rental vehicle.

If I was the CEO of this company, I would be embarrassed to have the employees that I have in Edmonton. They lack integrity and make the company look bad.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #789726

I am having a same situation with Wawanesa Insurance in Alberta. Their customer hit my car from back there is police report.

Wawanesa driver was 100% at fault.

I have been waiting 20 days and I am still waiting for them to let me send my car for repair. And they are soooo slow!


You are correct they do really suck. We were hit from behind at a high speed by their insured June 2011.

They did not contact us until March 2012, at which time they low balled the claim settlement. We counter offered and recieved no responce for 2 months, at which time we phoned them. We were told she would review the claim again. Its been another month and a half still no contact from them.

They truly suck on fairness and customer service. Avoid at all costs.....

to Anonymous2 Los Angeles, California, United States #761318

I made a comment before but this needed to be added: I just received another increase on my insurance it started three years ago at 785. now 1500.

goes up every year. first, they were doing a re-djustment for everyone, then the next year 30% increase I hit fnce after $500. deduction they paid $1500. My payments went up after a year by 50% I pay 1500.

a year almost 100%v more than when I first started three years ago.

Found out they red lined me. I am getting a lawyer.

to Anonymous2 #1008303

So terrible to hear all these cases! I just recently hit by a car who is their insured, it's totally the drivers fault which the driver admitted right away on the scene.

But this insurance company contacted me more than a week later and so hard to get hold of -- not returning the call at all, they even ask me to pay the cost through my insurance first, then they will pay the difference -- THIS IS NOT FAIR! WHAT SHOULD I DO?


I'm going through the exact same experience right now with these guys. They suck, I recommend you try your best to Avoid dealing with Wawanesa!


Regardless of the status of collision coverage, customer service should always be a priority for a company. As evidenced by this particular situation, now absolutely any time anyone ever asks me about Wawanesa, I will relay this story to them, and hopefully it will make them think twice.

I realize how insurance works, and I was accessible at all times. In fact, I called them before they even contacted me.

And of course I would not want my insurance to accept fault without speaking to the other person. However, I would hope that my insurance company will deal with all people--including myself--in an ethical, transparent and responsive manner.

This would include resolving a claim within weeks, as opposed to months, which is how long this took. .To suggest that this treatment is acceptable is letting this company off the hook with what are clearly questionable business practices.


What the supervisor meant was that if you had collision coverage on your own vehicle your insurer would have covered your damages regardless of fault and then subrogated against Wawanesa and would have waived your deductible once Wawanesa accepted fault. Most likely the delay was due to Wawanesa obtaining a statement from their insured. Would you want your insurer accepting fault based on a third party statement before they spoke to you?

As for the delay in getting vehicle appraised, how accesible were you?

If you dont want to deal with wawanesa in the future you need to have collision coverage on your vehicle.

to anonymous Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #913978

Regardless if they had collision or not wawa would have done the same thing with that insurance company that they are doing to them, they don't return calls or documents to other insurance companies or to lawyers in a hope that they wont have to pay out. They will always low ball and hope the person takes the bait.

I obtained a lawyer for my accident and I'm happy I did, my lawyer fought with wawa and finally told them to get their lawyer to contact them. Sure enough both lawyers dealing with each other has gotten things moving fast, also ended up with 10k more than wawa's offer!

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